How to track my GST Payment Status 2024

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is an indirect tax paid by registered traders / dealers for the supply of goods and services. Many of them are facing an issue in tracking their GST payment status so, here you’ll learn how to solve it.

Steps to track the GST payment status online

Step 1

Go to the official GST portal, on the Dashboard go to Services tab>>Payments>>Track Payment Status. In order to check payment status, you’re not required to login.


Step 2

Enter your CPIN and GSTIN, to check your GST Payment status.


For GST calculation you may visit our India GST Calculator

Step: 3.A

When the status shows “Not Paid,” click the download button to save offline.


The status shown on the screen is either Paid or Not Paid.

Step: 3.a

When the status shows “Paid.”


Step: 3.b

If it is showing as paid, click on the “View Recipient” and Download.


Step: 3.B

If you want to see the challan, simply click on the “View Challan” The challan will open as below. You can save an offline copy by clicking “Download.”



CPIN stands for Common Portal Identification Number whereas CIN stands for Challan Identification Number. The 14-digit CPIN number is generated before GST payment and the 17-digit CIN number is generated after GST payment.

The CPIN number is issued at time of generating GST challan tax.  GST challan can be saved temporarily and edited before generating the final challan. After cross-checking you can submit challan. Online GST portal generates 17-digit challan unique identity number. This is a 17-digit CIN number with 14-digit CPIN along with a 3 digit Bank Code.

Yes, you can use another bank account.

For modes of payments, challan numbers must be generated online only. For over the counter payments you must print out the challan and use the same. You cannot fill the challan manually.