Apply Tax File Number in Australia (TFN)

The Australian Tax File Number (TFN) system was introduced under the privacy act 1988. A TFN (Tax File Number) is a unique identifier issued by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) to each taxpaying entity — company, an Individual, superannuation fund, trust or partnership. A TFN contains 9 unique numbers, an important part of your identity. It is free to apply Tax File Number in Australia.

What is Tax File Number (TFN)?

TFN is a Personal Reference Number issued by the ATO (Australian Taxation System). It is a 9 digit number used to track the tax obligations. TFN is important for Organization, an individual working in Australia as it permits them to pay taxes, lodge tax returns, and access various government services. It is also used by the employers for reporting income and tax withholdings. 

TFN is very secure data and individuals are advised to keep it secret. It is long-life number and it remains the same even if a person’s circumstances. To apply for TFN is very easy. You can apply either online or by paper depending on your circumstances.

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Eligibility to apply Tax File Number in Australia:

To apply for TFN, you need to:

  • Be 15 years old or older.
  • You must have an Australian Passport – it can be up to 3 years to expire.
  • You must have at least one Australian Gov. Identity document – for example a driving license.

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How To Apply Tax File Number in Australia?

Australian citizens with an Australian passport:

Applying for TFN (Tax File Number) is free. Australian citizens with passports can apply for TFN online using myGovID. Australian citizens are those who:

  • Born in Australia.
  • Have a citizenship certificate.

To apply for TFN using myGovID you will need to:

Set up your Strong myGovID:

  • Download myGovID application on your Android or iPhone device.
app store
google play store
  • Enter your details including:
    • Full Name.
    • DOB.
    • Personal Email address (If you’ve already myGovID account so the Email for myGovID needs to match).
  • Verify your Australian Passport:
    • Birth Certificate.
    • Driving Certificate.
    • Medicare card.
    • Citizen Certificate.
    • Verifying your photo, this is like a selfie and its real time right person with an Australian Passport photo.

Apply for your TFN:

Once you ready to apply for TFN:

  • Review and accept the terms & conditions.
  • Select apply TFN online.
  • Sign in your myGovID account or create a new one.
  • Complete your TFN application.

Once you submit your application, your myGovID account will automatically connect with ATO (Australian Taxation Office) services. You should get your TFN straight away. If your TFN is not displayed on screen, your application needs further processing that will take up to 28 Days. 

Australian citizens without an Australian passport:

Australian citizens of all ages can apply for TFN, if you don’t have an Australian Passport.

Eligibility to apply:

  • Australian citizens of all ages can apply for TFN.
  • It is free to apply.
  • If you’ve an Australian passport and are older than 15 years or older, use myGovID application to apply for TFN.
  • If you don’t have passport check options to apply.

Options to apply:

  • Apply at Australian Post.
  • Apply at a Services Australia center.
  • Apply by post.

Foreign passport holders:

Foreign passport holders, and temporary visitors can apply for TFN using Individual Auto Registration (IAR). It is free to apply. To work in Australia, you will need authorization (a valid visa) from the Department of Home Affairs.

Apply for TFN:

  • You are a foreign passport holder, and temporary visitor.
  • You’re already in Australia.
  • Your visa is one of the following:
    • Permanent resident visa.
    • Visa with work rights.
    • Overseas student visa.

To apply for TFN using IAR you must have a valid passport, and travel documents without them you are not eligible to apply.


Yes, You can apply for TFN (Tax File Number) by using myGovID application or by paper depending on you. It is free to apply for TFN.

A Temporary visa holder, visitor can apply for TFN after arriving in Australia.

There is no cost to apply for TFN (Tax File Number). It takes up to 20 minutes to apply. 

Yes, but without TFN (Tax File Number) tax will deduct with a high rate even if you’re earning little pay tax normally.