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“Income Tax” refers to a type of tax governments levy on income businesses and individuals within their jurisdiction. In Singapore, Income Tax was introduced in 1947 under the British colonial government. In 1948, the Income Tax Act was levied. 

Income tax is a source for the Government. They are used to fund public services and provide goods for citizens. Income tax is crucial to fund Government expenditures, support social objectives, and grow the economy. 

Persons, businesses, trustees, and professionals are chargeable to tax on all profits (excluding profits arising from the sale of capital assets) arising in or derived from Singapore and certain foreign-sourced income from such trade, and business. 

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the latest information related to Singapore’s tax system and tax rates. We also have a GST Calculator that you can use to estimate your Singapore taxes.

Types of Singapore Income Tax

There three types of Income tax in Singapore

  1. Personal Income Tax
  2. Corporate Income Tax
  3. Withholding Tax

1: Personal Income Tax

Personal Income Tax in Singapore is levied on an individual’s income. The tax rate is progressive ranging between 0% to 22% (24% from the year of assessment 2024), depending on the individual’s level of income. Singapore’s personal income tax system provides various reliefs to assist reduce the tax burden on taxpayers.

Non-resident individuals are not permitted any personal allowances and are subject to tax at a flat rate of 22% (24% from year of assessment 2024).

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A resident individual’s taxable income (after personal allowances) is subject to income tax at progressive rates. 

Taxable income (SGD*)Years of assessment 2022 and 2023Year of assessment 2024
Over (column 1)Not overTax on column 1 (SGD)Percentage on excess (%) Tax on column 1 (SGD)Percentage on excess (%) 
320,000500,000 44,55022.0044,55022.00
Current rates for the years of assessment 2022 to 2024


Non-resident individuals are not permitted any personal allowances and the tax is levied with a flat rate of 22% (24% from year of assessment 2024). Except that employment income is taxed at a flat rate of 15% or at resident rates with personal reliefs, whichever yields a higher tax.

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2: Corporate Income Tax

Corporate tax levied on Companies (resident or non resident) that carry a business in Singapore. The tax rate is a flat rate of 17% on chargeable income. Singapore corporate tax also provide exemptions to help business growth and encourage investment in certain sectors.

Chargeable income (SGD)Exempt from taxExempt income (SGD)
First 10,00075%7,500
Next 190,00050%95,000
Total 102,500
Partial tax exemption (income taxable at normal rate
Chargeable income (SGD)Exempt from taxExempt income (SGD)
First 100,00075%75,000
Next 100,00050%50,000
Total 125,000
Start-up tax exemption (income taxable at normal rate)

3: Withholding Tax

Withholding tax is levied on different types of payment to non-resident including dividends, interest, and royalties. The tax rate ranges from 0% to 15%, depending on the payment and the tax treaty between Singapore and the recipient’s country of residence.

Withholding tax is usually deducted at the source of the payment, and the payer is responsible for remitting the tax to the tax authorities (IRAS).

RecipientWHT (%)
Dividends (1)Interest (2)Royalties (2)
Resident individuals000
Resident corporations000
Non-resident corporations and individuals:   
Albania (6)05 (3b)5
Armenia05 (3b, k)5
Australia (6)01010 (4a)
Austria (6)05 (3b, d)5
Bahrain (6)05 (3b)5
Bangladesh01010 (4a)
Barbados (6)012 (3b)8
Belarus05 (3b)5
Belgium (6)05 (3b, d)3/5 (4b)
Bermuda (5a)01510
Brazil010/15 (3b, p, q)10
Brunei05/10 (3a, b)10
Bulgaria05 (3b)5
Cambodia010 (3b)10
Canada (6)015 (3e)10
Chile (5b)01510
China, People’s Republic of (6)07/10 (3a, b)6/10 (4b)
Cyprus (6)07/10 (3a, b)10
Czech Republic (6)000/5/10 (4b, 4c)
Denmark (6)010 (3b)10
Ecuador010 (3a, b)10
Egypt (6)015 (3b)10
Estonia010 (3b)7.5
Fiji Islands, Republic of010 (3b)10
Finland (6)05 (3b)5
France (6)010 (3b, j, k, o)0 (4a)
Georgia (6)000
Ghana07 (3b)7
Greece (5d)07.5 (3a, b)7.5
Guernsey (6)012 (3b)8
Hong Kong (5c)01510
Hungary (6)05 (3b, d)5
India (6)010/15 (3a)10
Indonesia (6)010 (3b)8/10 (4h)
Ireland (6)05 (3b)5
Isle of Man (6)012 (3b)8
Israel (6)07 (3b)5
Italy012.5 (3b)10
Japan (6)010 (3b)10
Jersey (6)012 (3b)8
Jordan05 (3b, p)5
Kazakhstan (6)010 (3b)10
Korea, Republic of010 (3b, n)5
Kuwait07 (3b)10
Lao People’s Democratic Republic05 (3b)5
Latvia (6)010 (3m)5
Libya05 (3b)5
Liechtenstein (6)012 (3b)8
Lithuania (6)010 (3b)7.5
Luxembourg (6)007
Malaysia (6)010 (3b, f)8
Malta (6)07/10 (3a, b)10
Mauritius (6)000
Mexico05/15 (3a, b)10
Mongolia05/10 (3a, b)5
Morocco010 (3b)10
Myanmar08/10 (3a, b)10
Netherlands (6)010 (3b)0 (4a)
New Zealand (6)010 (3b)5
Nigeria07.5 (3b)7.5
Norway07 (3b)7
Oman (6)07 (3b)8
Pakistan (6)012.5 (3b)10 (4a)
Panama (6)05 (3b, d)5
Papua New Guinea01010
Philippines015 (3e)10
Poland (6)05 (3b)2/5 (4b)
Portugal (6)010 (3b, f)10
Qatar (6)05 (3b)10
Romania05 (3b)5
Russian Federation (6)005
Rwanda010 (3a)10
San Marino (6)012 (3b)8
Saudi Arabia (6)058
Serbia010 (3b, p)5/10 (4f)
Seychelles (6)012 (3b)8
Slovak Republic (6)0010
Slovenia (6)05 (3b)5
South Africa07.5 (3b, j, l)5
Spain (6)05 (3b, d, f, g)5
Sri Lanka010 (3a, b)10
Sweden010/15 (3b, c)0 (4a)
Switzerland05 (3b, d)5
Thailand (6)010/15 (3a, b, h)5/8/10 (4d)
Tunisia00/5/10 (3a, b)5/10 (4e)
Turkey07.5/10 (3a, b)10
Turkmenistan010 (3b, j, k)10
Ukraine (6)010 (3b)7.5
United Arab Emirates (6)005
United Kingdom (6)05 (3a, b, i)8
United States (5c)01510
Uruguay (6)010 (3b, d, j, k)5/10 (4f)
Vietnam010 (3b)5/10 (4g)
WHT rates


Income tax is a source for the Government that is used to fund public services and provide goods for citizens. Income tax is crucial to fund Government expenditures, support social objectives, and grow the economy. There are three types of Singapore Income Tax types you can get information related to these types in our article.