Australia Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) | GST

Tourists departing from Australia can get their GST (Good and Services Tax) under the Australia tourist refund scheme (TRS), administered by the Department of Home Affairs and its operational arm the ABF (Australian Border Force). 

What is the Australia Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS)? 

The Australia tourist refund scheme (TRS) was introduced on July 1, 2000, and allows Australian travelers to get back 10% GST on the price paid for anything bought in Australia. The scheme applies to goods purchased including GST or WET.

Note: The scheme does not apply on accommodation, and the goods purchased without GST.

What purchases are eligible for the GST refund?

The TRS covers a range of goods and services in Australia, but there are some criteria you need to meet.

  • Tourists must purchase goods and services more than AUD$300.
  • Tourists must have paid by themselves.
  • The purchase must be made no more than 60 days.

Note: Online transactions are also eligible for claim, just need to download an invoice.

For calculate your GST you paid on Goods and Services, Visit our GST Calculator

What can’t you claim under the Tourist Refund Scheme?

You can’t claim GST if you purchase goods and services from not registered businesses. 

  • Dangerous goods.
  • Tobacco and tobacco products.
  • Gift Cards.
  • Medication and medical aids.

The Australian Border Force website has an up to date list.

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How to claim the Australian TRS refund?

  • Spend at least AUD$300 in total on Goods and Services from a merchant with the same ABN (Australian Business Number). 
  • You can claim your GST within 60 days after purchasing goods and services.
  • Travellers must have original tax invoice/s of the goods. 
  • Travellers must have Invoice (in English), passport, goods, and boarding pass to the TRS facility when departing Australia.
  • Make a claim at the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) facility at an airport ,at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time or 60 minutes.

Note: Residents of Australia’s external territories, such as Christmas Island, Norfolk Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, can also get a GST refund.

How to speed up TRS claims?

To speed in your claim you can use the online TRS Web portal or use TRS application on your iPhone or Android mobile phone. 

The TRS App saves you time in completing your GST rebate claim

You’ll need to enter the same information as on the paper form and you’ll get a QR code which can quickly scan at the TRS office to process your claim. There’s a separate line for tourists who’ve already used the web portal and application and have their QR code.

Refunds can be claimed at the airport or seaport you’re departing from Australia. You cannot claim TRC online, you must present at official TRS and present your goods for inspection as well as your passport and boarding pass. 

The TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme) allows tourists to claim GST paid on purchase of Goods and Services. To lodge the claim, visit the TRS counter at your departer with required documents and the goods you intend to claim a GST refund for.

Yes! If you’re an Australian citizen departing from Australia, You can claim your GST paid on purchase Goods and Services. 

No! You cannot claim a GST refund online. To claim GST you must be presented for inspection to Australian Border Force (ABF) personnel with your boarding pass and original invoice.

Yes! You can purchase Goods and Services from several retailers but you need to purchase more than AUD$300 so that you can claim your GST.

Australia adds 10% GST in the price of Goods and Services, So how much you’ll get back from TRS. For excluding the GST you just divide the product amount by 11. For example if your product price is AUD$1,950 so divide this amount by 11 1950/11 = $177.27 is your GST.

TRS rebate payments are typically made on credit card (the card used for purchasing the Goods and Services) or Australian bank account, and you can expect the refund will be done within 60 Days. Refunds made by a government cheque posted to your address can take up to two months.

Summing up

Australia Tourist Refund Scheme allows tourists to claim a refund on GST. But your purchases must meet criteria, you can submit a claim – and pocket some savings towards your getaway.